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About Us

In this project, the origins of which are rooted in the concept of other, we wanted to show that people who have been othered, sometimes in their inner worlds and sometimes in society, are in fact no one but us, to draw attention to the social and state-based exclusion and human rights violations that are present throughout every day of life, in short, to help these stories reach to a greater public. 

While raising the voice of the other, we established emotional and social bonds through the similarities of experiences and focused on fostering empathy through their differences. We witnessed how the feeling of loneliness is actually replaced by finding oneself through solidarity. We saw that existence is not just a struggle but can turn into a celebration.

The project contributes to the struggle against discrimination faced by trans+ (trans, non-binary, and intersex) people in Turkey by drawing power from real-life stories. The first steps of the project were taken within the scope of the Memory Center’s project called “Memory and Youth.”


Through the methods of storytelling and digital collection, we have created a lasting and unique platform by sharing the life stories of trans+ people and meaningful aspects of their lives symbolised by objects. When gathering these stories and objects, we have reached a wide range: bringing together a diverse array of people, memories, and items around creative activism, from those preferring to live in crowds to those drawing strength from their loneliness, from memories of struggle to moments of love, from makeup materials to daily pages. Throughout all of this, we expanded our creative space by establishing international collaborations.


With this platform, which we will continue to enhance by accepting other contributions and collaborations, we aim to establish connections using alternative communication methods between different societal groups. In doing so, we aspire to share the life stories of others with a broader audience.



Göktuğ Berber

Project Co-Director


Musa Can

Project Co-Director


Zeynep Ayta

Creative Coordinator

Dr. Noémi Lévy-Aksu

Truth, Justice and Memory Centre

Programme Director

Dr. Mert Koçak

Truth, Justice and Memory Centre

Project Coordinator

Nis Tuğba Çelik


Sevcan Tiftik


Academic Counselor

Balacan Ayar

Truth, Justice and Memory Centre

Communications and Networks Officer

With the support of



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