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"Destruction: an element of activism for streets and spaces about being that 'queer' that is always being stared at."


Belongs to Aslı

Photograph: Zeynep Ayta, 2023

Object no. 2333411

"Home, school, streets, places... Everywhere we are, there are those who oppose our existence. I am a queer person who can always shout out my existence somehow, who is in a privileged position according to many queer people and in a "disadvantaged" position according to many people. This tie is a fabric that expresses me in these places in various meanings.

When my ex-partner, whom I love very much, and I saw meters of rainbow fabric for sale at the flea market, we were excited. I should mention here that they were much more excited and said "let's buy it, we'll definitely use it". I now say that I'm glad they insisted when I made fun of them and we bought it...

So what are these various meanings? For home, it is an element of reproach that is also part of my coming out in the dilemma of "should I wear it when I leave the house or after I leave the house?". For school and friends, it is a representation against the thoughts and discourses of "they have to mention LGBTI+'s in everything", "they have to wear flags everywhere".

A representation of "Yes, I will walk around like a flag and I don't expect you to understand what it means, I'm just showing it". What is beyond carrying the formality of a tie in this way? It's an element of activism for the streets and spaces to be "that 'queer' that's always being looked at."

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